Our target is to be carbon neutral in the year 2021. This is how we think and act.


We as a company keep learning about sustainability constantly. Currently we are looking to find the most sustainable way of manufacturing durable underwear and to compensate our carbon footprint with reforestation donations. When we finalize our calculations we start compensating our emissions fully.

At the same time we are looking to decrease our emissions.

From a sustainability perspective we have come a fairly long way with our t-shirts and college shirts. They are manufactured from 100% recycled materials. This is a good start.

It is more difficult with underwear. Sustainable underwear production is our largest issue to be solved. According to recent studies cotton/elastane underwear have a carbon footprint of 1,9 to 3kg CO2e Cradle-to-Grave. This is similar to one bottle of vodka or one litre of gasoline in a car. Our view is that we are in that range.

Cotton production is quite unecological. You need a lot of water to produce cotton and also chemicals to protect your harvest. Would organic cotton be a step forward? You would save from the chemical side, but the harvesting would be more inefficient. This is a difficult one. We are steering our production towards organic cotton, but most likely we must give up cotton at some point.

Recycled materials would be the best. We are aiming to use recyclable materials in the future but we haven’t solved the durability and comfortability issues yet. Last year we have introduced underwear line manufactured from wood-based fabrics. We don’t want to manufacture fully plastic underwear even if it would be recycled. This issue is our main focus for upcoming years.


We – Mähöne Brothers look to minimize our operational emissions arising from our daily business. We use recyclable cardboard boxes in packaging and mailing. today more than 90% of our webshop deliveries are carbon neutral. We don’t have an office base – we use a mobile office. We only have a storage for our products. These decisions lower our carbon footprint from operations substantially.

We don’t have cars or any means of transportation in our balance sheet except an old handcart for milk transportation. We haven’t had a single flight since 2018 and we have had a total of 10 flights during the last 5 years of business. We will also compensate our flight emissions if flying becomes necessary. Currently we use ships and land transportation for our photo shooting tours.

This how we see sustainability is our business. If you have any questions please contact [email protected].

P.S. An interesting note regarding clothing business and Cradle-to-Grave emissions is that the bulk of the emissions are created by washing and drying. One simple way of reducing your carbon footprint is to stop using dryers for clothes.