Red / White

25,00 €
Varies by model

Red and White.

We had moderate success with our first model. In addition to our friends and family, unknown people started buying our products online. Thanks to Ponke's, Popot Sneaker Store and Design Forum Helsinki our product found its way to stores and to new clients. In the spring of 2011 we were able to produce our second model - red and white. Red/White felt like a natural continuum to two other natural colors - Brown/Yellow.

93% cotton, 7% elastane

We manufacture our boxers from cotton/elastane combination with the weight of either 145g/m2 or 160g/m2. We have also handpicked the waistband which was the toughest material we could find. We have given up some unnecessary softness in order to improve our waistband's endurance. We manufacture all our boxers in one same factory in Thailand.